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At some onsite sales, we use a list that determines order of entry. The list is put out at 6 am when the sale address becomes available. You must be present to sign up only yourself and one other. I usually give an ‘area’ where you can wait until the address is published. Be kind and be quiet for near neighbors. Now, due to COVID and other restrictions, including parking, we will be offering online signup via Signup Genius, at some sales. Look to see if our upcoming sales are online or onsite signup. The links should be live at 9 am of Wednesday before the sale.

What to Expect at Our Sales....

Brown Tag is always grateful to every buyer who attends our sales. We'd love to thank you personally, but that's impossible, so we'll tell you here that we appreciate your business and hope you will be a 'regular'!

Attending our sale? Here's how it works...

  • Entry Info: The address for each sale will be published 3 hours prior to the start time of the sale. At that time, buyers can sign-up on our entry list AT THE HOUSE. We do not offer online sign-up, sorry. You will enter the house according to your place on the list. Depending on the size and configuration of the house, we may need to limit the number of people if we have a large crowd. We can usually get everyone in, but if space is tight, we start with 25 people and go from there.
  • The list will have our card attached and this is the one we will use, you cannot start your own. Once you are signed up on the list, your place is secure and you can go get coffee or whatever. Just be sure to be back before we open so you can get in line according to your number.
  • Payment Info: CASH and CREDIT OR DEBIT with 3% CONVENIENCE FEE - no limit to dollar amount. We prefer cash because it is faster, we try to move the checkout line along as fast as possible, this is why no credit/debit for small purchases. BRING CASH! We will only accept checks from established customers. Thanks in advance for your patience in line!
  • We are a business and we must charge sales tax. Resellers can use their resale certificates, but you must bring a physical paper copy that we can keep. We'll add you to our list and you won't need to bring it again until it renews. Resale certs are good for 4 years.
  • During the Sale: Our large items are priced with 'brown tags' (hence our name!). If you decide to purchase a piece, you remove the tag and bring to the cashier or a staff member. We will mark the item sold and put your name on the brown tag. THEN IT IS YOURS! Please be certain before you remove a tag. Buyers may not mark multiple pieces sold and then decide later those items are not wanted. If you pull a tag, you commit to buy it.
  • In most sales, we will provide 'SOLD' areas where you can park your stuff as you continue to shop. These stations are usually close to the cashier or underneath tables. It's best to keep an eye on your stuff or mark 'sold' on your box, we try to keep an eye on it but make no guarantees.
  • Other important points......Strictly no pre-sales or previews. We will TRY to answer email questions as time allows but most prices WILL NOT be generally available before the sale. We do not hold or reserve items. We do our best to make sure that what you see in the photos on our listing is for sale when the doors open the first day of the sale. Sometimes the family will pull an item at the last minute, but this doesn't happen often.
  • We will provide some bags, boxes and wrap but it's good to bring your own, especially the second day. You must provide your own muscle and equipment to move furniture - we do not provide a moving service and we are not staffed to provide labor. All items must be removed by 2pm on the last day of the sale. We are not responsible for items left behind. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries, so be careful!

We hope these notes make it easy for you to have fun and get great buys at our sales! If you have other important questions, please feel free to contact us. See you there!

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