Welcome to Brown Tag Estate Sales!

Our company wishes to serve your needs in a time of transition. We have worked with many families who need to lighten the burden of material possessions, either those of a loved one, or their own, in order to move on and concentrate on the positive aspects of life.

By choosing us to manage the sale of your home's contents, you will shift the burden of organizing and selling your items from your shoulders to ours. That's what we're here for! We will organize, clean, display and sell the contents of your home, or one for which you are responsible, in the most efficient and lucrative way possible. Specializing in research, we know the markets and have a sizable customer base. Many more people are pulled in by our extensive advertising and our strategically placed eye-catching signs.

Whether you are downsizing or moving, liquidating a loved one's estate or just selling the old collection to start a new one, we can help you maximize your proceeds from the sale and reduce your stress at the same time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional: Over 30 years in the resale business, the last eleven doing estate sales.
  • Committed to Service: Through a clear and specific contract, you will know exactly what to expect: what we do, how we will do it and the cost of our services. Our responsibilities and your role will be clearly defined. No surprises or guesswork!
  • Ethical: Reputation beyond reproach.

We are a small company that takes only a few sales per month, no more than two. This allows us to give your sale our complete attention and to carefully evaluate each item. We touch everything, research past auction sales and price well above wholesale but at a point just below retail so that our customers follow us, knowing they can be assured of good buys.

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